The lack of data is a major challenge in pest risk analysis (PRA) worldwide. In order to identify appropriate sources of information, several projects have been launched with the objective of assembling datasets that contain information useful for pest risk analysts. The datasets presented in this section mainly result from two projects:

  • PRATIQUE a European Union 7th framework programme project
  • Prassis (acronym of Pest risk assessment in the European Community: inventory of data sources) a project launched by the European and Food Safety Authority

In both project an inventory of the key national, European and global datasets required for the production of PRAs relevant to the whole Europe has been made. The inventories made by the two projects have been exchanged.  Datasets gathered by both projects are consequently included in the dataset explorer.
The datasets included in the dataset explorer are grouped as follows

  • Information on the pest in its current area of distribution
  • Information on pathways, including trade, production and economic datasets
  • Information on the area under consideration for the PRA
  • Information on pest management

Warning: it should be noted that both projects identified gaps in the information sources (e.g. trade data, economic data, data on phytosanitary measures) so the assessor should not expect to find all necessary information for performing a PRA in these datasets.


To view the datasets click on view
Once you are in one group of datasets, you can select the datasets based on the quality criteria you want as well as on the type of information you are looking for (e.g. in the dataset  group 1 taxonomy, environmental, official Phytosanitary measures).

Please note that you also can propose new datasets in the different categories. (click on “propose”)

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Quality and usefulness evaluation

The quality and usefulness of the web-based datasets and information sources were assessed. In this process “Quality” was defined as “the extent to which data are regarded as true and credible and highly regarded in terms of their source or contents”. “Usefulness” was defined as “the extent to which the data are applicable, sufficiently up-to-date and complete, and of sufficient depth”.  
The datasets were subsequently scored as follows

Score Definition
A Datasets that are essential, have a high quality and are widely applicable to the PRA area(EU). These are the ones that can be advised for most PRA's in Europe
B Datasets of reasonable quality and usefulness, but more focused with respect to region within the PRA area to which they are applicable
C Datasets that are narrow in their usefulness or that largely overlap with more general datasets in A or B
U Datasets if which the assessment is temporary hampered due to a language barrier